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Past Events
Earth Day Birth Day Celebration 
Celebrating Earth Day with a full day concert of today’s best rock music.

Responsibilities included: contacting, booking, and scheduling talent throughout the day for the event including Sevendust, through TVT Records, and Saliva, through Island Records. I was also required to hire, coordinate with, and oversee, a stage manager and several part-time employees. I was called upon to work in conjunction with the sales department and key sponsors to scout and arrange a location, as well as, map and layout the grounds for the stage, sound booth, audience, vendors, and portable restrooms.

Mardi Gras Celebration and Parade
Celebrating Mardi Gras in Keystone, Colorado with thousands.

Responsibilities included: alcohol sales for entire event and all aspects of the parade including, hiring and making sure bar staff is properly TIPS trained according to federal and state regulations, coordinating with security to assure no excessive drinking or outside alcohol enters the festival area, coordinating with key alcohol sponsor (Coors) in providing all necessary alcohol, setting up parade route, implementing guidelines and rules for every team participating in parade to follow, working with volunteers to keep parade moving in a timely and safe manner, acquiring local media talents to judge parade floats, tally and hand out awards to parade winners, and act as Emcee for entire event.

Tomato Wrestling – Pass the Catsup! 
Ladies sign up and wrestle to determine the champion of the 7th Annual Tomato Wrestling Tournament to benefit the American Cancer Society. 

Key Coordinator - Responsibilities included: overseeing all aspects of the tournament, such as, signing up contestants, running matches in a timely manner, providing and setting up public address sound system, as well as, taking on sound engineering duties for several bands, in a rural environment. I worked in conjunction with coordinators from the American Cancer Society and Budweiser to create and implement a proper promotion, schedule, and scouting for a location as well as handling all other logistics of the event. I was the key media representative for this event.

Blues and Arts Festival 
A weekend full of world class Blues music and exceptional art work.

Responsibilities included securing 2 headliners to wrap up each day of the festival (Marsha Ball & Hazel Black), coordinate with tour managers and booking agents, overseeing that all performer riders where met with attention to detail, mapping out stage and artists booth locations, creating and reviewing all perspective artist applications that wish to be a part of the event, oversee all alcohol sales for entire event, hiring and making sure bar staff is properly TIPS trained according to federal and state regulations, coordinating with security to assure no excessive drinking or outside alcohol enters the festival area, coordinating with key alcohol and non-alcohol sponsors (Blue Moon & Sobe) in providing all necessary beverages, and act as Emcee for entire festival.

Rurally Challenged Games a.k.a. Redneck Olympics
Indulge yourself in a wide variety of very local challenges, music, arts and crafts, food, fare and fun.

Responsible for creating the original concept for this event. My duties included: creating, scheduling, and implementing a series of competitions, such as, the mullet toss, mullet contest (hairstyle - male or female), and plumbers’ butt competition, to name a few. Another duty was to make sure all sound for the event was accounted for. I was also required to scout and map the location for the event accounting for: stage, vendors, events, and “outhouses”.  

St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt
Find the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold! Listeners decipher clues, taking them from one location to another, till they reached the finish line, where a huge celebration ensued.  

Lead Coordinator – Responsibilities included: Creating the original concept and seeing through that the promotion for the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday ran successfully. Another one of my duties required me to work in conjunction with the Sales Department to determine which clients would be best suited to participate by providing a location for the event. I was also relied upon to create the proper tasks, for participants to accomplish, at each location to gain the best possible exposure for that particular client. I then needed to coordinate with the Promotions Department to assign the accurate amount of part-time workers to help at each location, along with providing detailed instructions for that particular location and task. I was then responsible to promote, implement, and provide updates of the event live through our radio broadcast show.   

Impromptu “Rusted Root” Concert
With less than 8 hours notice, convince and implement, National recording artist Rusted Root to perform for our radio station for free.

Responsibilities included: Interviewing band during off day of their National tour, convincing them to stay the evening and play an intimate, impromptu concert for their fans and our listeners, scout and secure a location, gather all necessary sound equipment and take on sound engineering duties, send out immediate press releases to other forms of media, and secure accommodations and boarding for the band (my house) before the show.

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